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Chocolate Chip

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The chocolate chip cake is a square cake garnished with chocolate icing and ganache.

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Product Variation NameProduct Variation NameServing SizePriceMinOrderQtyMaxOrderQty  PriceValLeadTimeHoursForMinQtyMaxLeadTimeQtyAllowHeader
Chocolate Chip (1Kg)   1Kg Serves 20 Rs. 6,600.00 110PCA1008V116600.0035True
Chocolate Chip (1.5Kg)   1.5Kg Serves 30 Rs. 9,900.00 15PCA1008V139900.00245True
Chocolate Chip (2Kg)   2Kg Serves 40 Rs. 13,200.00 14PCA1008V1413200.00244True
Chocolate Chip (Piece)   Piece Serves 1 Rs. 560.00 1200PCA1008V12560.00220False