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Pineapple Gateaux

Images are for illustration purposes only, and may not represent actual size or quantity.

The Pineapple Gateaux is a rectangular cake, consisting of two layers of 'sugar syrup and pineapple juice' soaked butter cake sandwiched together with chocolate butter cream and a layer of cooked pineapple pieces.

The cake is covered with a layer of pineapple juice inclusive butter cream. Garnished with cooked pineapple chunks and a decorative border of butter icing.

Product Variation NameProduct Variation NameServing SizePriceMinOrderQtyMaxOrderQty  PriceValLeadTimeHoursForMinQtyMaxLeadTimeQtyAllowHeader
Pineapple Gateaux (1Lb)   1Lb Serves 10 Rs. 1,800.00 18PCA1036V111800.0024True
Pineapple Gateaux (2Lb)   2Lb Serves 20 Rs. 3,600.00 110PCA1036V133600.0025True
Pineapple Gateaux (3Lb)   3Lb Serves 30 Rs. 5,400.00 110PCA1036V145400.0025True
Pineapple Gateaux (4Lb)   4Lb Serves 40 Rs. 7,200.00 110PCA1036V157200.0022True
Pineapple Gateaux (Piece)   Piece Serves 1 Rs. 180.00 1200PCA1036V12180.00240False

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